Memphis Sucks

Memphis is a great tourist city. It has a rich musical history with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and many others, but it does nothing to get people to stay. Must of the city has high crime rate, and the good parts of town are very expensive to live there.

My theory on that comes down to poor city development. I have only ever lived in two major cities, St. Louis and Memphis. St. Louis has St. Louis city and then it is surrounded my several municipalities. Each of these have their own government that runs that area.

Memphis is similar in that there is the main city of Memphis and there are all these little communities surrounding it. The difference is that Memphis has annexed most of these communities rather than them running themselves. Now you have one form of government running a much larger area and it does it very poorly.

A side effect of that is all the schools become a part of the city’s school district which is one of the worst in the country. Now Memphis is pumping out citizens that are poorly educated which in turn leads to higher crime rate. That leads to decent people, that can afford it, moving farther out to the nice communities that haven’t been annexed leaving the rest of the city to rest of the rabble. Home prices drop, taxes do down, Memphis annexes more and the story repeats.

Good news on that though; the people of Memphis recently voted to allow the communities to have their own school districts. So where there was one school district there are now about seven I believe. So now there is a chance for these kids.

Well that’s my rant for the day.

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