Memphis Drivers Suck

I’m thinking this is going to be a series due to how often these drivers infuriate me. This will be a quick post of the most common issues.

The biggest one is how most people do not use their turn signal. Instead they get right in front of me as I am about to pass them causing me to slow down. All you had to do is turn on your signal and I would have let you over.

Another issues is when I am driving along in the right lane and they are trying to turn right into my lane. Rather than waiting 3 seconds for me to pass they pull out in front of me when they clearly do not have time to get up to speed before I reach them causing me to have to slow down.

The last issue seems to be unique to Memphis. I have dubbed it the Memphis turn. Here’s out it works. When you are waiting to make a left hand turn at an intersection and you have to yield to oncoming traffic; you pull into the intersection and wait. Once the light turns yellow and the oncoming traffic stops, you go. Which is annoying but not so bad since you are through the intersection before the next light turns green. My irritation is when two or three people do that. They are going on red and now I have to wait for them to clear before I can get through.

The worst part is that police do all this.

I plan on posting individual instances of bad driving as they happen since it seems to happen far too often. Let me know if you have any stories about bad drivers that irritate you.

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