I don’t want to hear your music

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people play their music far too loud and the worst possible times. Now it annoys me when people play crappy hip hop in their cars so loud that it shakes my car, but I get it. Sometimes I enjoy blaring my music on occasion when the feeling hits me.

However, if you are at a gas station and go inside, you do not need to have your radio going so that I can hear you across the parking lot. Seriously, you can’t even hear it inside, Why the hell do you need to have it that loud? Or if you are in a store you do not need to be playing your music as you shop. I do not want to hear that!! Last week I was at the grocery store and some dipshit teenagers were walking around with their music playing for all to hear. Do you really think everyone want to hear it?! What is really pisses me off is that they had no food. It seems like they were walking around with the sole purpose of annoying as many people as they possibly could.

So here is the moral of the story. Even if I love the song your playing, by forcing me to listen to it when I don’t want to makes me hate you. Keep your music to yourself. If you absolutely have to listen to your music wherever you go, invest in headphones!! It’ll be better for everyone.

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