Are you serious?

So this bitch…
just doesn’t care.

I was driving to class the other night when I pull up to a stop light. It was malfunctioning so a police officer was directing traffic. Now, if it’s a four way flashing red I can kind of understand some confusion. If an intersection has a light it is probably too busy for the four way stop and with multiple lanes each way it can become muddled.. However, if a cop is directing traffic it is pretty obvious when you should go. They tend to make it very clear with their cavemen like hand motions.

So the cop made the motion to stop. Now just to be clear. There was no mistaking it. He wasn’t using sign language or an African tribal dance. He put both hands in front of him with the palms towards the car while extending and retracting at the elbow. The cop then turns around and begins to motion the oncoming traffic to begin moving. Then the driver, let’s call him “the asshole” for lack of a better term, decides to go. Had the other cars not have hesitated when they were given the signal to go the asshole would have either hit them, or been hit by them.

I understand being in a hurry. I do. I was on my way to class myself. But let’s be perfectly honest. At most, you might have to wait five minutes before you are able to go. What difference will five minutes make? Not a whole lot probably. It if it’s a big deal, then it’s on you not to cut it so close. Don’t risk getting into an accident and adding congestion to an already congested intersection because you can’t get to where you’re going on time.

People are always in such a hurry that to get stuck at a red light it disastrous when more than likely, they don’t have anywhere to be or it doesn’t matter when they get there. So rather than just going with the flow, they have to be a dick.

Nicely done.

Alright my friends, that is all for me. Leave a comment, send me a story, or simply have a wonderful night.

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