Despicable People

So I should probably point out that I work at a convenient store/gas station. Contrary to popular belief we are not subject to robberies. I have only ever heard of two robberies since I got into the industry seven years ago. We are,however, subject to petty shoplifting. Like someone grabbing a case of beer or a bag of chips and walking out the door.

Today I would like to discuss two such outstanding individuals that I have had the “pleasure” of hosting. The first is someone who has visited many stores. He is a common topic when the managers get together. He will come in and when the cashier gets busy will grab and box of candy off the shelves and walk out with it.

I’m losing my own money because he is too lazy to get a real job

I’m not saying he grabs a lot of candy bars and stuffs them in his pockets. No, he gets an entire box of candy bars off the shelf and leaves with them. Now when someone steals from me I don’t simply lose the money that I spent on the item; I lose the money I would have made on the item. So when he steals an entire box of candy I am short $50-$60. Shortage in inventory affects my bonus. I’m losing my own money because he is too lazy to get a real job.

Since he doesn’t want to pay for his shit he could cost someone their job

The next person I want to bitch about is someone I have had two run-ins with. The first I was the cashier and the second I was the manager. He has the same MO both times. He comes into the store, waits until the cashier gets busy, then interrupts to inform the cashier that he prepaid for gas but they didn’t set the pump for him. His plan is that in the chaos the cashier is experiencing, they will believe him and set the pump for the $10 he never paid. I’m sure this works most of the time he does it. I almost gave in when I was the cashier. When you’re busy it is very likely that you had forgotten to set the pump. It happens all the time. Also, he only asks for $10. Low enough not to arouse suspicion. Fortunately I was calm enough to realize that I hadn’t set that particular pump in a long time and I had never seen the customer before. The second time I was lucky enough to have a very smart and experienced cashier that was not fooled.

The next part went down the same way in both cases. I told him I had to watch the camera feed to see exactly what happened since my register doesn’t show anything. I watch the camera and see he is full of shit. I come out to see that he is nowhere to be found. What infuriates me about this guy is the utter lack of consideration for the livelihood of the cashier. I’m not sure if he is ignorant or just doesn’t care, however, it isn’t only a loss for the store, the cashier is accountable for the loss. When they are short that $10 they have to face disciplinary consequences. Since he doesn’t want to pay for his shit he could cost someone their job.

These are just a couple of examples of people with little to no moral fiber, who don’t have a shred of integrity, who take what they are too lazy to earn regardless of the consequences it has on other people.

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