Father of the year award goes to….

This is a story about how this guy is raising his daughter to be such a great person and a highly contributing member of society.

This nice father takes his daughter, probably five or six years old, into a gas station so she can use the restroom. He holds her hand while they walk up. He patiently waits while she is in the bathroom. Then they hold hands and walk back out to the car. Awwww. What a nice guy, right?

He is so nice that he doesn’t want his daughter seeing him get his cigarettes. So after he takes her back to the car,  he comes back inside to get his carton of cigarettes. Don’t worry, there is someone in the car with her. He also gets a refill pack for an e-cig. Presumably to help him quit smoking so that he can live longer for his daughter. Awwww.

So as he waiting for the cashier to ring up the products, he grabs the products and hauls ass for the car. Jumps in and drives away with about $100 worth of product.

Pause and let this sink in. Re-read it if you need.

Allow me to summarize it. His daughter is in the car the whole time. He is a pathetic, petty thief, and he does it in front of his daughter.

Okay, sure. You’re a worthless piece of crap. We get it. Good for you. But at least have the decency not to submit your young child to that. Now she is growing up thinking that that is acceptable behavior. Adding one more piece of shit to the world when she grows up. You have pretty much screwed her up for life. Good job dad.

Not only that, you are exposing her to so much risk and danger.
What if you were caught and arrested? Imagine what that would do to her.
What if in the rush to get away you hit a car? Or a person?
What if you robbed that store that doesn’t take that kind of shit and pulls a gun from behind the counter and opens fire on the car?

Obviously you have no morals and no concern for your fellow-man. You have made that abundantly clear .But this is a child that you are exposing to your pathetic ways and the dangers included. She still has a chance to have a good life and you are ruining it for her. I cannot begin to fully express my hatred for this man. I only hope he gets what he deserves, and that this little girl isn’t there to suffer with him.

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