Being an idiot does not count

I wish I could have taken a picture of this guy. Unfortunately I was at work and I didn’t want someone seeing me do that. It might look bad.

So this bitch…

I was at work, as I said, and this guy decides to park in a handicap spot. He gets out of the car and he is fine. He is a young guy in perfect health. Doesn’t have a handicap tag or plate. He has no physical ailment to speak of. He has no business being in that spot. I have customers that actually need that spot. One regular is in a wheelchair. Elderly people who have a hard time walking need that spot.

This guy could have parked on the opposite side of the entrance. The exact same distance from the door. In a spot that is not restricted but no. He wants that one. It boggles my mind that people can have such disregard for other people.

Do everyone a favor and pull into that spot that is 10 feet farther away.

The worst part is I see this crap all the time. What I hate even more is when customer park right in front of the handicap ramp. Like when two people pull up and one of them is going to run inside and get something. So rather than taking the extra 30 seconds to pull in and out of the spot, they park right in front of the building and block the ramp. What they don’t seem to consider, or care about, is when that nice old lady, that has a hard time walking needs to get inside.Now she has to try to make that step up onto the curb. Or my customer that is in a wheelchair. Now he has to wait until your lazy ass is finished before he can go inside.

Seriously. Do everyone a favor and pull into that spot that is 10 feet farther away.

Writing this reminds me a customer I had when I used to work at Jack in the Box many moons ago. This guy’s only handicap was being obese. Unless it’s a medical issue, I don’t think that being overweight should grant you any privileges. I’m overweight. I have no issue with walking from the end of the parking lot. But not this guy. He always parked in a handicap spot. What is worse is that if there wasn’t one available, he would park in the very front of the spots. I’m not sure what its called but it’s there to give the handicap spot more room. He would take that. Not caring that people need that. Like the vans that load and unload the wheelchair. They need that space so the person can get out. This bitch didn’t care. He was too fat “disabled” to park farther away.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe it was a medical condition. If it was, I don’t think the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, large curly fry, and 44oz Oreo cookie shake that he ordered every time he came in helped one bit.

But I’m no doctor. I’m just saying my you don’t need to take advantage of the services that are offered to people who actually need them rather than lazy pieces of shit like yourself.

What do you guys think? Is it justified? If you’re only going to be a few minutes can you take that spot? Leave a comment and tell me what you think. If you have your own story, Talk to Me, let me know so I can share it. Click here to subscribe to my feed and keep in touch with new posts.

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