Driving School should be required

IMG_20140205_165913 IMG_20140205_165952 IMG_20140205_170027

What do these people have in common? While the rest of us were waiting in traffic these people, and many others, decided to use the suicide lane. One thing about Memphis is that people get into the suicide lane way too early. One of these cars started about a mile back and drove all the way to the light.

Another encountered someone using the lane properly and then went into oncoming traffic to go around the car and continue to the light. I’m sure he might have been in a hurry. But I doubt the five minutes he saved would make a difference.

I just don’t get why these people would risk such a serious wreck to save a few minutes.

That is all for me tonight. Let me know what you think and share it with your friends.

Farewell for now my misanthropic masses.

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