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USA TODAY: Mom starts Facebook page to show son he’s loved

USA TODAY: Mom starts Facebook page to show son he’s loved


Mom starts Facebook page to show son he’s loved

An avalanche of well-wishers is joining a Michigan mom in proving to her young son via social media that he has friends, that he is loved and that he should believe in himself. A boy referred to only as Colin, 10, of Richland, Mich., suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and other health problems and told his mother there would be no point in organizing a birthday party for him because all the kids at school make fun of him, according to WLS-TV and the Kalamazoo Gazette. He told his mother he has no friends. Colin’s mom, identified only as Jennifer by the Gazette, decided to launch a Facebook page in honor of Colin’s birthday to show him that he is not alone. As of early Wednesday morning, the Happy Birthday Colin page had generated 774,748 likes.


I thought this was one of the coolest things I have ever read. I used to work with children on the autism spectrum as well as ones with Asperger’s syndrome. I always felt that Asperger’s is much more difficult to live with. Austism, depending the where it is on the spectrum, is much more debilitating; people tend to be more sympathetic to those with autism. Whereas Asperger’s is much more high functioning making the child look like they are misbehaving rather than special needs. They are smart and can take care of themselves, but they lack the social skills to fit in. Often times this leads them to be bullied.

There are a few awesome points I want to point out.

How clever is this mom? How awesome is she? There is a picture of her with a ton of birthday cards that she received for Colin. I have seen many parents that are just unable to handle their special needs child. So seeing this mother rise to the occasion so magnificently is nothing short of amazing. Kudos to her.

The other point is how awesome are the 750k+ people who rose to the occasion and show support? What about all those people who actually took the time to send cards? It is so uplifting to see that there are such amazing people out there willing to do a selfless deed.

Unless you have a black heart, this has to move you. Please let me know how you felt when you read this. Also send me a message if you know of any other stories like this.

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