Man Accused Of Gunning Down Teen Over Egging Prank

Man Accused Of Gunning Down Teen Over Egging Prank – http://huff.to/1fay1ps

This is 15-year-old Adrian Broadway. She was killed a couple of days ago over a prank. Her and her friends egged a guy’s car. They covered it in mayonnaise. The threw leaves and toilet paper on it. The owner didn’t care for that. He grabbed his gun and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle killing Adrian and injuring another.

Some of the comments I read are arguing the case that this wasn’t a prank. That the kids were vandalizing the car. Fair enough. What they did was illegal. I’ll give you that. But don’t you think, that maybe, the guy overreacted a bit? I’ve tp’d a few houses in my day. Saran wrapped a car or two. I have never seen someone pull a gun because of it. Honestly, I cannot think of any reason to open fire on anybody unless your life, or another person’s life is in danger and he was in no way possibly in any sort of danger whatsoever.

What’s even more messed up is that this prank, or act of vandalism if you must, was in retaliation for what the man’s son did. The guy’s own son pranked some of the teens, so they got him back. How the hell are you going to shoot at the girls when your own son is just as guilty.

The man told investigators that he was trying to scare the teens. Alright. Maybe that is a valid idea. For the sake of my point, let’s say it is. You want to teach them a lesson by scaring the hell out of them. How about, I don’t know, not shooting at the vehicle. The car had several bullet holes in the doors. So either he is the dumbest man in the world, or he thought that would be a believable lie.

Records indicated that he never called the police. The Huffington Post posted another article saying that the teens originally left after pranking the car and then came back. The owner knew they were coming back and waited for them. For me, the logical step would be to call the police and have them wait for their return and then press vandalism charges. I think that is a much better lesson that doesn’t require years of therapy.

I don’t see him having much of a defense. He is being charged with First Degree Murder, a Terrorist Act, a five counts of Aggravated Assault.

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