Emergency vehicles

In this lesson I want to discuss the proper procedure for when you find yourself in the presence of an emergency vehicle. I have never experienced a greater disrespect towards emergency vehicle than in Memphis.

For those of you who do not know, an emergency vehicle includes police, fire trucks, and ambulances. If one of these vehicles is coming up behind you, get your ass over to the right side of the road and onto the shoulder if needed. Do not continue driving as you are and expect them to go around you. I was driving to work the other day and an ambulance was behind me. Nobody got over except for me. They stayed in their lane going the same speed so the ambulance had to weave in and out of lanes.

If you are at a stop light and there is an emergency vehicle approaching stop your car unless you are in the intersection. It doesn’t matter if you have a green light. They have the right of way. I have seen cops sitting at a light with lights and sirens waiting for people to stop going through the intersection.

The only exception to this is if you are at a red light and the emergency vehicle is behind you. Then go through the light. Get the hell out of their way. Seriously, what are you thinking?! There is a reason for the lights and sirens. They are going to an emergency!!

If this little lesson doesn’t convince you then think with me. What if you or a loved one was in desperate need of medical attention. I’m talking life or death. Then imagine the ambulance doesn’t make it in time because it’s stuck at a light or in traffic because someone won’t get out of the way. Imagine if your home was one fire. Or you are being robbed.

Think about that the next time you don’t get over.


Peace out!

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