USA TODAY: Instructor changed clothes before helping drowning boy


So this article from USA Today just makes me sick. There are so many things about this that is just wrong.

He wasn’t a certified swim teacher

It was a remedial swim class. None of these kids could swim well, and this guy was not certified.

He was sitting in the bleacher

He should have been in the pool already but he wasn’t. He was in the bleachers.

He blew off initial concerns

When a student told him someone was in trouble he thought they were just messing around.


When he finally decided to get off his ass and does something, he goes to change clothes first! There is a kid drowning!! Get in the pool! A school official then came in and jumped into the pool before this guy ever came back. And did the official change his clothes?! NO! He jumped into the pool with his suit on.

I’m done ranting. This just makes me so angry I cannot think straight. Share this story if you could, it helps me out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Goodnight everyone!!

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