Funny Story

Identity Theft Committed, Police do Nothing About It

Upstate NY girl, 5, spends day at wrong school

Maybe it would be different if this was my kid, but to me, this is funny. If you decided not to read the story this girl spends an entire day at the wrong school and nobody realizes it.

It sounds like a pitch for a movie. Every piece just fits perfectly. She gets on the wrong bus. It’s a substitute driver, so of course he/she doesn’t recognize her. ¬†Then when she gets to the wrong school they are expecting a new student (who never showed). Very convenient. They asked if she was the new girl and she said she was. Then she answered to the wrong name all day.

Only after she failed to get off the bus and the mom call the school did they realize what happened. To me it’s funny because no one got hurt. Sure, the mom was a bit upset but I’m sure she calmed down. It wasn’t anybody’s fault really. It was just a crazy set of circumstances that created a great story.

If you feel like you need to blame someone, blame the girl. She lied about who she was and assumed the identity of the missing girl. Committing identity theft? In first grade! Clearly she is going down a very bad path. Perhaps she was responsible in some way for the girl missing school. I say throw the book at her just to be safe.

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