When everyone says “NO”, politicians hear “YES”

No College President Wants This New NRA-Drafted Law – http://huff.to/1hTRfQF

So the rundown. Idaho has passed a law that compels colleges to allow students to have guns on campus. I think most people can already tell this is not a good idea. The NRA does not fit into that category as they are the ones that drafted this law. Surprising, I know.

Honestly, this law isn’t surprising. Idaho is one of the most conservative states so of course everyone in the state want this law, right?¬†Wrong. Police are opposed to it. Students are opposed. Teachers are opposed. School officials are opposed. It makes no sense to pass a law when everyone who will be affected by it, is against it.

So the only logical reason left for this law is that there must be an incredibly high crime rate. Why else would there be a need for student to be armed. However, crime doesn’t appear to be much of an issue at North Idaho College. Only one case of burglary which is the most severe crime reported. They have had case of theft and vandalism, but an armed student wouldn’t have helped. Might have made it worse.

One concern that I see in the records are several reports of liquor and drug law violations. Which, of course, is the perfect setting for a gun. Nothing is safer that armed college students who are experimenting with alcohol at an age that is known for bad choices.

What I’m afraid will happen is that a student will arm himself, misinterpret a situation, and end up killing someone who didn’t deserve it. Vandalism and minor theft doesn’t merit death in my book.

What is happening is that these politicians are solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

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