Utah is a bit conservative these days

Utah Says Gay Marriage Will Harm These Kids – http://huff.to/1hhkJaV

I am officially crossing Utah off my list of places that I might be able to live. They are trying to ban same-sex marriage for reasons that don’t make sense. I can understand religious reason. “Because God said no!!” I get it. You are trying to follow the bible and it is pretty specific about the topic of same-sex relationships.

God also mentioned something about loving everyone but I guess there is some leeway there. Christians, help me out on that.

Anyway, so I get the religious aspects of it. However, what I don’t get is using fake studies that don’t follow the scientific method or have any real merit.

…lawyers warn that if the state allows gays to marry, every child in the state including those raised by straight couples will be thrown into peril as parents forgo the needs of their children in favor of more selfish pursuits.

The study was a complete joke. It was funded by a conservative religious group. I’m not saying that religious groups can conduct valid studies. What I’m saying is that when they do a study about the effects of same-sex marriage you have to assume a measure of bias, right? Especially when they didn’t interview that many children from same-sex marriage households.

Utah’s legal brief repeatedly stresses the fear that opening marriage to include gay people will mean that parents, gay or straight, won’t put their children first.

“Utah’s self-sacrificing, child-centric view of marriage and parenting is important to a range of parental decisions beyond ensuring that the child is raised by both her father and her mother,” the state’s brief argues in a section devoted to the effects of changing the definition of marriage. “For example, it might encourage parents to forego abusing alcohol or drugs; avoid destabilizing extramarital affairs; avoid excessively demanding work schedules; or limit time-consuming hobbies or other interests that take them away from their children.”

According to these lawyers, gay parents will be terrible at parenting. Apparently in Utah straight parents don’t abuse alcohol, are completely faithful to their spouses, don’t work long hours, and always go to the kids’ activities. Does anyone else see the issue there?

Personally, I’ve known dozens of marriages that have one or all of these issues. Everyone of them involving a straight couple. How many times have you heard the story of the guy working late at the office with his coworker and “one thing led to another.” How many songs have been written about a parent working too much and never being there for the kids. About the dad who never made time to go to his son’s games. It’s the tale as old as fucking time.

Now, will there be shitty gay parents? You betcha. But no more than the straight ones. Probably fewer because they’ve had to work their asses off to get their rights. Guess what. There are shitty asian parents. And shitty black parents. There are very shitty white parents. You name the demographic and you can find shitty parenting. But there are also great parents in every demographic as well and gay people deserve the chance to get marries, and be parents, and fuck up their kids just like the rest of us.

In closing I would like to pass a message to the lawyers. A child was named North West by straight parents. Case closed.

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