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Will you have courage in the face of certain death?


Calif. teen killed saving girlfriend from train

MARYSVILLE, CALIF. – Friends, family, and students packed into the stands Sunday night at a ballpark beside train tracks where Mateus Moore was killed saving his girlfriend’s life. Loved ones, friends, students and staff sang songs and shared stories, honoring the young man. Many of them were calling him a hero for what he did Friday night. Moore pushed his girlfriend Micayla Friend out of the path of the oncoming train and saved her life. The teens were walking back from the store along the train tracks when they were struck by a freight train. As loved ones and friends wiped away their tears, many remembered what made the young teen so special.


This story really gets to me. I always wonder if I am put into a situation like this, will I act so selflessly? Of course, we all want to say yes but we never truly know unless we are in said situation. What if I did act selfishly and had to live with myself? I couldn’t imagine.

I feel sorry for the girl. Yes she has some major injuries from getting hit by a freakin train. But that cannot possibly compare to the emotional scars. I cannot imagine how hard it must be, not only to lose someone you cared about, but knowing that they loved you so much that they put their life before yours. Then trying to go on living knowing what you lost. On top of survivor’s guilt, constant overwhelming sympathy from everyone you know, the trauma of seeing it happen, and everything else that comes with trauma.

I guess the silver lining would be that at least he knew, if only for a split second, what kind of man he was.

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