Mob beats a man for doing the right thing


Here’s the story, a kid gets hit by a truck after he runs into the street without looking. The driver gets out of the truck to help the kid. A group of six or seven guys sees this and then decide to beat the driver. It would be one thing if the driver was at fault. Maybe if he was driving to fast or recklessly. If he was drunk and hit the kid. But it was the kid’s fault. He stepped of the curb and into the street and the driver did not have time to stop.

He could have driven off and not done anything about the kid. But he didn’t. He did what should have been done and checked on the kid. The driver did nothing wrong. If anyone is at fault regarding the incident it would be the kid’s parents for not teaching the kid that he shouldn’t walk into the street right in front of a truck.

So after doing what is right and respectable, this group of guys who are clearly cowards and pathetic people, gang up on this man. How sad and pathetic do you have to be that it takes seven of you to take on a single man? Seriously? Have the courage to take him one at a time. The first four are likely to get you asses beaten because clearly you and weak, but he’s gotta get tired by the fifth one. Then the sixth and seventh can finish him off.

The kid is going to be fine but now this decent man is in the hospital for his injuries. Head injuries. He’s in critical condition. Over something that wasn’t his fault.

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