Fake School Shooting On April Fools’ Day


I know I’m a bit late on this one but it is too good to pass up.

Like many people I don’t really care for April Fools’ day. I think it’s pointless and stupid. Many people lack the mental capacity to understand what a good prank is.

Take Angela Timmons for example. She works worked at Virginia College and on April 1st she decided to play a joke on her daughter. Now what do you think would be the best possible joke for when you work at a school? Of course it would be a shooting!! With the media covering so many school shootings in the past couple years it makes for a great joke with no possible negative consequences. Right?

This is a very predictable story. The daughter naturally freaks out over the idea that her mom is hiding cabinet off because of someone firing a gun somewhere nearby. Like any responsible person, she calls 911 so that the people can get help. Now the police are trying to get over there as fast as they can. Everyone is scared. All these other school shootings are on their mind. The mental anguish is rising the closer they get to the school.

Finally they arrive and spring into action to combat….. jackshit. I’m sure it was a huge relief knowing that nothing had actually happened but having to go through the process of preparing yourself for a massacre has to be tough.

So my hat goes off to the brave men and women of the police force that responded to the call.


Is there a silver-lining? Yep. Timmons lost her job, so now she can’t cause this kind of thing again, and charges have been filed against her.

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