Ep. 1: Why is the U.S. not using the metric system?

Thoughts of a Misanthrope Podcast

In this episode I discuss the my frustration with the U.S. measurement system not using the metric system and its history


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  • Thanks for the entertainment and the info! I had no idea about Troy ounces and the like!

    But trust me, it could be even worse. As a Brit, I have to fill up my car with petrol (would you’d call “gas”) paid for in litres, but since I drive in miles, it takes a calculator to work out how much it cost me per mile on petrol.

    I discuss the temperature with my folks in centigrade while they sit there trying to convert to Fahrenheit so they understand me. And so on and so on.

    My sincere hope is that Britain gets on with a full on change to the metric system and lets go finally of the Imperial system. It’s a typical British compromise that we have both at the same time!

    You could argue that the transition phase, but it’s a transition is lasted from my entire life, i.e. over 40 years you could I’ll give us a transition phase, but it’s a transition that has lasted from my entire life, i.e. over 40 years.

    Was intriguing to hear about American attempts to introduce the Metro system. I had no idea that had even been considered there, let alone taken as far as being led by a President. Very interesting stuff!

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