Are you gay, or are you not gay? Rights of LGBT

The flag represents the LGBT community who are fighting for LGBT rights

Are you gay or are you not gay: The fallacy of accepting digital attributes of analog properties

There is a huge controversy going on right now about certain comments made by Dr. Ben Carson about homosexuality and LGBT rights. This very topic has been argued to death and there is no end in sight. However his point is particularly eyebrow raising to the point where it is so absurd that I can’t really get mad; I have to feel sorry for the guy. He is so out of touch with reality to the point that he seemingly makes up facts and supports them with absurd rationale.

However I’m not here to comment on him so if you haven’t heard the comment check out the article to get filled in. I’m here to attempt to understand the arguments surrounding gay marriage.

The logical fallacy

One of the biggest issues I take with conservatives that argue against gay marriage is that it is a choice to be gay.  They fail to take into account that there is no proof to validate that. Studies have found no evidence that people choose to be gay. However they ignore this and continue to argue for it. I find it disturbing on many levels that homosexuals have said it wasn’t a choice but opponents of homosexuality, whom I assume are straight therefore have no personal knowledge to make an argument, say that it is not true. That is the same as a white person saying they understand what it’s like being black and dealing with the police. There is no way you can possibly understand it unless you are a part of that group.
However, there is very little evidence that supports a gene causing homosexuality. The only evidence that people are born gay is self-reporting from within the gay community. Self-reporting cannot be trusted. Just ask a fisherman about his biggest catch or ask any man about his penis size. When you use self-reporting people will give the answer that will cast them in a better light or help push their cause or agenda. I’m not saying they are lying, but there is no way to test it.

Orientation is a spectrum

The more I thought about it the more I realized that sexual orientation isn’t black and white. Hear me out. Everything about human nature is a spectrum. Hair color is never the same. There are shades of brown, shades of blonde. People are born with a better skills than others. Some people can naturally throw a baseball really good, others are terrible. Some people are naturally fast runners. Some people are naturally good at math. And in all things nobody is at the same level. Some are slightly better or worse than others. It’s all on a scale. With any attribute, people choose to become better or worse depending on how that cultivate their skills.

So why should sexual orientation be any different?

Why can’t people be born on a scale and have the ability to choose where they want to be on said scale? Some people are straight, some are gay, some are bi, and some are in between. Then, depending are their environment, stigmas they face, or other factors they can slide on the scale.

Throughout history, we as humans have destroyed boxes that society has put us in. Maybe it’s time to destroy the “Are you gay or are you not gay” box we’re in.

Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

It doesn’t matter

Then after that realization I had another epiphany: It doesn’t fucking matter. If it’s genetic you cannot discriminate against it any more than you can race. If it’s a choice, then there are so many worse choices people are allowed to make that are legal. So why is there so much hate? Why are people against it? Why should LGBT not have this basic rights?

There is no logical reason to stop it

The most accepted belief that I have seen that is shared by people arguing against same-sex marriage is the bible. Because “God” said so… Ok, fine. I can accept that your religion forbids you from accepting homosexuality, however, the U.S. is not a theocracy. Religious beliefs should not be the basis for law. There is a reason we have a separation of church and state.

Other arguments

I tried to find legitimate arguments against same-sex marriage and I could not find many credible websites. However, I have assembled some of the most common arguments that I could find. One common theme I found is homosexuals are singled out in these arguments despite other groups falling into these categories.

  1. It violates natural law. What law? Homosexuality has been around for centuries that we know of. Even in nature, several species of animal practice homosexuality.
  2. Children must be raised by a man and a woman. Why? Research has shown this  to be false. The most important factor is stability. If Jeffrey Dahmer was raised by both parents when he began having issues with he mental well-being. Gays may or may not be ideal parents, but history has shown hetero parents are not always ideal.
  3. The most ludicrous argument is that a marriage should be for the purpose of procreation. By that standard, if you are barren or sterile you should not be allowed to get married. If you are too old you shouldn’t be allowed to get married. People should divorce after they are done having kids and their children are over 18. Yet there is no push to ban marriage for these groups.

If homosexuality destroys the concept of marriage, then what about celebrity marriages that last less than a year? What about people who only got married because of a pregnancy?

And if we’re going to follow the bible’s example of marriage, what about having hundreds of wives and even more concubines like the old kings of Israel. Or raping a girl so you can marry her. What about keeping sex slaves?


With all these rules in the old testament, I guess I can see why conservatives decide to pick and choose which parts of the bible the want to accept.

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