Ep. 5: Kill everyone who sins because of god’s love

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Arizona pastor wishes death on Caitlyn Jenner and preaches it to his congregation
So the bible preaches love right? This pastor goes on a 10 minute speech just preaching god’s love by encouraging people to pray for others to go to hell. Such love.

Pat Robertson: Tell Bereaved Mother Her Dead Baby Could’ve Been The Next Hitler
Continuing our coverage of Christian pastors that preach god’s love and offer great counseling, I bring you the one and only Pat Robertson. You may know Pat from the 700 club where he looks old enough to be Jesus’ high school football coach, but did you know he might have also been Jesus’ crisis counselor? Well with the sound advice he gives to the friend of a grieving mother whose three-year-old had passed away, it may very well be his calling in life.

Connecticut handgun law has led to 40% drop in gun-related homicides
In 1995 Connecticut started to require a permit to buy a handgun. This permit was contingent on passing a background check as well. A study has found a 40% drop in homicides by handgun since then with no decrease in other forms of homicide. Missouri passed a law in 2007 making it easier to get handguns and have seen a 25% increase in homicide by firearms.

Parents of diphtheria-stricken boy feel “tricked” by anti-vaccination groups
Parents of the child that had the first case of diphtheria in Spain, since 1987, are pissed off anti-vaxxer’s for misinforming them.

Virgin now offers up to one full year of paternity leave…. however.
Great news from Virgin, paternity leave. Father’s, understandably, are often overlooked when it comes to their role in the life of a newborn. They are not the ones that had to push a watermelon out of their bodies. However, they are important. Now Virgin has announced that new fathers are allowed up to a year of paid paternity leave. Though it is not as great as it sounds.

Tim McGraw just hit a new level of awesome
After being one of the biggest stars in country music, having one of the most successful marriages of any celebrity, Tim McGraw just hit the next level. He will be giving away mortgage-free houses to veterans on his 2015 tour.

Pop culture

Beyonce’s big news. A new….diet?!

Tennessee spent how much on a new logo?!?
Tennessee recently unveiled their $46,000 logo that looks like something I did in 5th grade.
New logo vs. Old logo

Pregnant mother sucks venom out of her son’s leg
Jaclyn Caramazza jumped into action once she realized her son was bit by a rattlesnake. She successfully saved his life and his leg by sucking the venom from his leg. Oh, she is also very pregnant.

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