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bathroom etiquette

As I have mentioned before, I have issues with people’s bathroom etiquette. When using public restrooms I feel it is necessary to follow certain unwritten rules that make you a decent human being. I try to understand that some people are not capable of said decency but I digress. The point of my story is that I take a rather controversial position on an issue that may come as a surprise. I do not put the toilet seat down.

Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry ladies, but I do not and will not put the seat down. This only goes for public restrooms. You can ask Michelle, I never leave it up at home. I don’t even think about it. It’s second nature. However, public restrooms are another story.

I have seen the horror of public restrooms. It’s not pretty. Fortunately as a male, most of my business is done in a vertical position. On occasion though, that is not the case and few things are as bad as trying to carry out my goals just to find that some dickweed before me didn’t lift the seat. (If you catch my drift.)

Proper Etiquette

Now, proper etiquette may dictate that I must return the seat to its proper place, but I say fuck that. I can only imagine what it’s like for a woman to enter the restroom in a dire need only to find the seat unfit for use. I see it as my duty to leave the seat up. That way when the dickweed mentioned before come in to relieve himself, the seat is already up. Thus, in his laziness he will not soil the seat and it is ready to go for the next occupant.

Does my take trump common etiquette or am I wrong? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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