Ep. 6: Obama Supports the Troops

Obama supports the troops
Cormega Copening is facing five felony charges, and is being tried as an adult, for the exploitation of a minor. He was caught with naked pictures of a minor on his phone. However, the pictures were of himself. He faces 10 years in prison at the age of 17.
National Geographic is now owned by Fox.
This moron posted pictures of Bush interacting with the troops and asks the question: “Have you seen pictures like this in the past 7 years ?” Implying that President Obama has not visited the troops at all as president. However, a simple Google search proves the President Obama supports the troops.
Sanders at 41%
Clinton at 40%
Almost 20 point swing since July.

Be an educated voter.
Firefighter calls boy after car wreck with “Happy Feet”

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