Ep. 7: John Oliver is an American Hero

John Oliver

Albuquerque firefighter resigns after being a complete idiot, John Oliver makes it into a court summary and much more.

Albuquerque firefighter, dispatcher resigns after hanging up 911 call

After Jaydon Chavez-Silver was shot at a party by unknown gunmen, his friends attempted to get from from 911 only to have the call disconnected by a disgruntled dispatcher. (Note: First responders had been dispatched at this point.)

Senator Cruz defends death penalty; once fought for a man wrongfully convicted

Sen. Cruz is taking the obvious conservative stance in defending capital punishment despite once, a an attorney, defending wrongfully convicted man.

Special Needs Students Dies After Being Left on Bus

A special needs student was pronounce dead last week after he was found on a school bus. The students mom called the school after he didn’t come home on time. Faculty searched the bus that had taken him to school that morning and found him unresponsive.

Happy Story: John Oliver being sited in a court ruling

John Oliver has influenced a lot of people and even shutdown the FCC website due to a massive amount of traffic he sent their way.(http://bit.ly/1KlusIu) Now he has been cited by a court ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals.


Happy Story: Swedes Experiment w/ 6hr work day

A retirement home in Sweden has reduced the workload for a group of nurses.

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