San Bernardino Shooting – When is it Enough

The San Bernardino Shooting

I wish there was something I could say. I know we typically say our thoughts go out or some warm words. But that does nothing. Thinking about the victims doesn’t bring them back. Our thoughts won’t make their families whole. There is nothing we can do at this moment to help anyone and that is frustrating.

They may be on out thoughts today, but they won’t be in a week. In a month. They won’t be on anyone’s minds long enough to make a difference.

At the time of this writing there are 14 people that won’t go home today. Or ever again. 14 families that will never be whole again. This Christmas, there will be gifts under a tree that will go unopened and New Year’s resolutions that will never be made.

There have been 355 mass shooting this year alone. We are 336 days into the year. Almost 1800 victims. And 0 solutions to show for it.

Sure, you have one side saying we need less regulation so that good people can have guns to stop this carnage. You have the other side saying that we need more regulation so these guns aren’t there for these murderers to use. Both sides will see this event as ammunition for their fight. Both sides will use this event to say “I am right!” Each siding spewing their own brand of venom back and forth and in the middle are American citizens being gunned down for no goddamned reason!

When is enough, enough? When can we put our petty differences aside and work together to find a solution? Everyone can agree that events like the San Bernardino shooting are wrong. Everyone can agree that this shit need to fucking end! So why can’t we work towards a solutions?!

How many brothers and sisters need to die before we stop fighting? How many sons and daughters? Fathers and mother? How many children need to go through this trauma before we begin to do something about it?

Thousands of people have died for lack of cooperation. Fourteen people died today waiting for a solution. This cannot be made right for them, but we sure as hell can make sure it stops.

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