Ep. 9: Wasting Money – Military Style

Wasting Money - Military Style

The U.S. government has a massive budget. I’m talking trillions of dollars. It’s no surprise that some of that money is spent on questionable endeavors like Swedish massages for rabbits or watching grass grow. But no government agency is as good at wasting money or as shady as the Department of Defense (DoD).

Wasting Money. Military Style.

One of the biggest wastes is the F-35 fighter jet. The project is $165 billion over budget and 7 years behind schedule. It’s meant to replace the F-16 yet it can’t even beat it in a dogfight. One of the plane’s most embarrassing failures is the helmet. It is supposed to be revolutionary by making it possible  to aim by looking at the enemy. However, the helmet is too big to fit in the cockpit. Also, the plane catches fire on the runway. Not only that, this massive waste will only hurt the military in the long-run.

More on the F-35

A Reuters investigation found that most of the waste is due to faulty software and shady accounting tactics. They literally make up transactions to account for shortfalls. Now it’s up to us. We waited for our government to do something and they failed. Now it’s time for the people to stand up and demand answers. To demand accountability. To demand that our government agencies get their budget increases through fiscal responsibility. Let’s not accept this blatant waste of money while our children starve and veterans sleep in the streets.


What can you do?

  1. Contact you representatives
  2. Contact the Oversights & Investigations Subcommittee for the Armed Forces
  3. Sign this petition calling on the subcommittee to investigate the DoD

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