Ep. 11 Water Crisis In America

Water Crisis in America

There is a water crisis in America. Recent media coverage of Flint, MI has brought to light some of the atrocities that are done to American people.

Flint was getting its water from Detroit but then started getting it from the Flint River because It was cheaper. The water from the river was more corrosive thereby corroding the ancient plumbing.  It is a major issue.


Most people don’t know that parts of the US don’t have clean drinking water. That is appalling.

Water Crisis in America

  • Residents of Toledo were banned from their tap water last August after their water had the color of pea soup
  • It was caused by algae blooms in Lake Erie. These blooms are caused by runoffs of over-fertilized fields, malfunctioning septic tanks, and livestock pens.
  • Not a new issue. Been getting worse over the last fews years. Environmental groups expressed concerns before the outbreak.
  • Along the Texas-Mexico border, nearly 90,000 people are believed to still live without running water. An untold number more — likely tens of thousands, but no one is sure — often have running water of such poor quality that they cannot know what poisons or diseases it might carry.





It’s unconscionable that anyone in the US has to worry about getting sick from their tap water.

Officials Won’t Act Until it’s Too Late

  • Michigan governor knew about the issue.
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/08/business/energy-environment/08water.html?referer=&_r=0
  • Reports from Atlanta, Boston, Fresno, Houston, Newark, Phoenix, Seattle and Washington, D.C. included false, unqualified or misleading claims, or buried crucial information about problems deep in their reports;
  • Reports from Newark, New Orleans and Phoenix included incorrect or misleading data — or omitted it entirely;
  • Nearly all cities in the study failed to report on health effects of most contaminants found in their water;
  • Most of the cities studied failed to translate the reports into languages spoken by a large minority in their community.

EPA is Failing to Maintain its Standards

  • Some regulations don’t cover some chemicals
  • Over 60k chemicals are used in the US. 91 contaminates are regulated
  • New research has found that some regulated contaminants cause health issues at lower levels than previously thought yet EPA standards aren’t updated.
  • Arsenic was found in some drinking yet it was legal under current EPA standards for arsenic. Current research indicate that there is no safe level of arsenic.
  • Rocket fuel additives
  • “If it doesn’t violate the law, I don’t really pay much attention to it,” said Stephen Sorrell, executive director of Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, which serves Pensacola, Fla. Data show that his system has delivered water containing multiple chemicals at concentrations that research indicates are associated with health risks. The system has not violated the Safe Drinking Water Act during the last half-decade.

EPA’s Reluctance to Hand out Punishments

Just another example of crumbling infrastructure. I agree the EPA shouldn’t fine the towns if they don’t have the money. It won’t help fining them if they are capable of making the repairs in the first place. The government has to invest in infrastructure.

However, officials that ignored the problem need to be dealt with.

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