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Ep. 20 Colin Kaepernick and Patriotism

Over the past several weeks there has been major media attention on Colin Kaepernick, QB for the San Francisco 49ers, for taking a knee during the national anthem. Many view this as disrespectful toward US veterans and American as a whole. Others see this has his 1st Amendment right and stand behind him.

Regardless of what you believe, Kaepernick has started something. Since his first protest many a few other NFL players, including teammates Eric Reid and Eli Harold, have joined him in kneeling during the anthem, while many others have stood with raised fists.

While countless individuals have taken this opportunity to attack these players for their stance, many more have come to the defense and support of them. People from all walks of life understand their is something wrong with the criminal justice system in American and understand it disproportionately targets minorities.

Recently a black man was killed after his car broke down in traffic. Many more are killed when they pose no threat to police or others. One officer was fired because he didn’t kill a man. Children are being killed by police and our prison system is overflowing with citizens being incarcerated over minor infractions. Yet the outrage comes over the practice of free speech.

A high school football announcer says that anyone not standing for the song should be shot, yet speaking out over police brutality is outrageous.

Convicted felons, rapists, murderers, and spouse abusers litter the NFL, yet Colin Kaepernick is bring a bad name to the league.

I get that you have a problem with Colin taking a knee (even though thousands of veterans don’t). I get that you feel there is a more appropriate time to protest. But save your outrage for things that matter. Forget that Colin is protesting and be outraged over what he is protesting: the seemingly never-ending abuse of power we see from some of our officers. Be outraged that they can murder someone and get away with it.

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